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What We Do

Our passion is the sales and marketing of select artists that hit all the right notes for us.

Artist Development

We aren't going to tell you we have the magic formula to make every artist a superstar in the first year.  What we do have is an extensive background in sales and marketing, a gift for developing relationships with both venues and artists and a passion for helping those we believe in to fulfill their dreams.


  • Our mission is to get our artists in front of people that love music. 

  • Our gift is turning "lookers" in to "super groupies." 

  • Our method is the use of social media, technology and good old-fashioned engaging with people.

  • Our success is in cultivating the relationships and the reasons that make the people we meet along the way want to be a part of supporting our artists.


Tour Management

Selling shows to venues in areas of the country where an artist is not already established is tedious, painstaking and let's face it, expensive.  Quiver Music targets regions not already covered by client artists (and make sense financial/logistical sense) for tours of 6-12 shows.  Our services include: 

  • Identifying the right venues

  • Negotiation and confirmation of shows,

  • Logistical management

  • Equipment provision,

  • And even a budget to help defray travel costs.

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