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Lisa & Kevin Fennell

Quiver Music is owned and operated by Kevin & Lisa Fennell. Both are passionate and professional sales and marketing veterans based in Minnesota.

Kevin & Lisa maintain full time employment in the utility industry and use spare time for their passion project of selling rock-n-roll.

Selling live music shows happened by a chance meeting through a mutual friend.  Kevin and Lisa were blown away by the talents of New Orleans-based Adam Pearce (Quiver Music's inaugural client).  They firmly believe it is a travesty that Adam Pearce and the world are not yet fully acquainted.  It is their mission to remedy that issue.

Happily, the Fennell's have quickly learned that selling a product they believe in translates quite readily from "widgets" to "talents."  A very happy side benefit is their love of both traveling AND hanging out in live music venues (okay, bars).

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